Hajj can be physically very demanding.

Unfortunately we are not able to take responsibility for any pilgrims that have special requirements.

In order to complete the rites of Hajj we require that all pilgrims are fit enough to walk for approximately 3 miles. In case any pilgrim is not fit enough to do so, he/she should take a wheelchair with them as well as a companion who will take responsibility for them. We also strongly recommend that pilgrims seek medical clearance from their GP before booking, particularly the elderly and sick.

Please note that the journey of Hajj cannot be equated to holiday travel. During this journey the unexpected is often the norm; despite careful planning and organisation the Hajj journey can never be taken for granted like a normal holiday. Hotels, Transport and Public services are all pushed to their limits during Hajj season, therefore do not expect that same level of service that you are accustomed in the UK. Due to the large number of pilgrims in a small area, the crowds can be overwhelming, also due to major traffic, congestions, expect very long delays whilst waiting for buses to arrive and moving from one location to another, especially during the days of the Hajj Rites.